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Bodenmais: things to do at any time of year

Spring, summer, autumn, or winter – there is always something to experience in the Bavarian Forest! Breathtaking nature, pretty little towns, and many other interesting things to do await you. We would be happy to give you a few personalised tips – just get in touch!

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Around Bodenmais: things to do in the Bavarian Forest

Wanderlust in the Bavarian Forest

In spring, nature already presents itself in all its splendour: flowering meadows and rushing streams set hikers’ pulses racing. In summer, the landscape around our hotel in Bodenmais is characterised by lush greenery, and the meadows and forests are full of life. When the leaves change colour in autumn, and the golden light hits the treetops, you wish time would stand still. But with the first snowfall, we are thrilled anew and spend the winter skiing and having snowball fights.

Yes, in Bodenmais, nature is enchanting at any time of year, and there are all kinds of things to do. We have collected some hiking excursions for you here.

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Around Bodenmais: things to do in the Bavarian Forest

Our top excursion tips

There are many things to do in Bodenmais. So many that we can only present a small selection here. For example, visit one of the open-air museums in the area and experience current or historical agriculture up close. The Bavarian Forest is famous for the art of glassmaking, and some glass-blowing workshops are open to visitors. You will also find amusement parks in the vicinity of the Hofbräuhaus in Bodenmais. The things to do are as numerous as they are varied.

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Hiking in Bodenmais: things to do in the Bavarian Forest

  • Bavarian Forest National Park
  • Šumava National Park
  • Lipno Reservoir
  • Arber mountain
  • Via Nova pilgrimage trail
  • Goldener Steig trail
  • Gunthersteig trail
  • Steinklamm gorge
  • Dreisessel mountain
  • Haidel mountain          
  • Buchberger Leite trail
  • Lusen mountain
  • Triftsteig Fürsteneck trail
  • Hirschenstein mountain
  • Rachel mountain
  • Kaitersberg mountain
  • Gläserner Steig trail
  • Röhrnbach mill trail
  • Pfahl stone massif
  • Pandurensteig trail
  • Osser mountain
  • Risslochschlucht gorge
  • Goldsteig trail
  • Baierweg trail
  • Geißkopf mountain
  • Böhmweg trail

Where animals and humans meet

  • Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary
  • Bavarian Forest Museum Village
  • Haus zur Wildnis wilderness house
  • Agricultural Museum in Regen
  • Lohberg Zoo
  • Straubing Zoo

The art of glass-blowing

  • Frauenau Glass Museum
  • Weinfurtner THE GLASS VILLAGE
  • Herrmann glass gallery
  • Joska Kristall Bodenmais
  • Glass Forest in Regen

History up close

  • Fürstenzeche silver mine in Lam
  • Oberhaus Museum Passau
  • Stone Worlds Hauzenberg


  • Penninger schnapps distillery
  • Liebl schnapps distillery

Amusement parks around Bodenmais: things to do for the whole family

  • Pullman City
  • Silberberg Bodenmais
  • AQACUR water world in Kötzting

City trips: shopping, culture, and charming old towns

  • Passau
  • Deggendorf
  • Straubing
  • Regensburg
  • Kelheim
  • Krummau
  • Linz

Festivals and celebrations

  • Further Drachenstich
  • Gäuboden Folk Festival Straubing
  • Landshut Wedding
  • Passion Play Perlesreut
  • Neunussberg Castle Festival
  • Waldkirchner Rauhnacht
  • Trenck der Pandur – Trenck open-air theatre festival 
  • Kötztinger Whitsun Ride
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