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Pamper your body and soul

Make your spa holiday in Bodenmais an unforgettable wellness experience with our wonderful body treatments. Feel the profound effect of the stones during a hot stone massage, or let yourself be whisked away to the South Seas with a Manaru massage. Whichever treatment you choose, here you will be pampered according to all the rules of the art of wellness.

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A treat for your hands and feet
A treat for your hands and feet
Massages and scrubs
Massages and scrubs
Waxing: effective hair removal
Waxing: effective hair removal
For radiant beauty
For radiant beauty
Wellness baths
Soft pack lounger
ca. 25 min. | €35.00

Nail filing, hand bath, and cuticle removal

Wellness manicure
ca. 50 min. | €58.00

Hand scrub, hand massage, and paraffin bath – a treat for stressed hands

Paraffin bath – hand pack
ca. 30 min. | €32.00

The heat opens the pores of the skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate. Chapped and fragile skin becomes smooth and supple again. Great in combination with a manicure.

New varnish
1 Session/s | €13.00

Remove nail varnish and repaint

Pampering pedicure
ca. 50 min. | €58.00

Foot bath, foot scrub, cosmetic foot care, and foot massage

Paraffin bath – foot pack
ca. 30 min. | €32.00

The heat opens the pores of the skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate. Cracked and fragile skin becomes smooth and supple again. Great in combination with a pedicure.

Hot stone massage
ca. 70 min. | €85.00

Wellness treatment with warm stones for deep relaxation. Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.

Hot stone (back only)
ca. 30 min. | €50.00

Relaxing, calming, and particularly helpful against neck and shoulder pain.

Herbal stamp massage (Herbal Siam)
ca. 60 min. | €85.00

Originating in the Land of Smiles, the herbal stamp massage releases blockages at the energy points, allowing fresh, new vitality to flow through the body. The harmonious combination of herbs and heat stimulates metabolism and blood circulation.

Partial back massage
ca. 25 min. | €48.00

Aromatic oils support this massage’s deeply relaxing and harmonising effect on the entire body.

Aroma full-body oil massage
ca. 50 min. | €69.00

Full-body relaxation massage with soothing essential oils. Has a relaxing effect on body, mind, and soul.

Full-body relaxation massage with soothing essential oils. Has a relaxing effect on body, mind, and soul.
ca. 60 min. | €69.00

Unwind and enjoy – a short trip to switch off and relax. Manaru whisks you and your senses away to the exotic world of the South Seas. An intensive body scrub, followed by a relaxing massage that allows both mind and body to come to rest. The skin is delicately cared for with white orchid, monoi oil, and vanilla.

Full-body scrub
ca. 30 min. | €45.00

This cleansing scrub effectively purifies the skin and removes dead skin cells. Choice of fragrance.

Foot reflexology
ca. 30 min. | €46.00

Through the reflex points in the feet, your body and all your organs are targeted, while at the same time, energy blockages are released.

Bikini line
1 Session/s | €19.00
Legs (below the knee)
1 Session/s | €24.00
Upper and lower leg
1 Session/s | €32.00
Dr. Spiller facial treatment
ca. 60 min. | €95.00

Hydro-Marin Treatment with Detoxifying Effect: a sea breeze that thoroughly revitalises and visibly hydrates, restoring vitality and freshness to the skin.

Q10 facial treatment
ca. 70 min. | €79.00

Noticeably invigorating, visibly soothing: experience the energising power of oxygen for youthful and relaxed skin. Anti-ageing meets anti-stress, helping the skin achieve wonderful harmony and elasticity.

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, second cleansing, and face cream pack

A little beauty time
ca. 60 min. | €69.00

Treat yourself and your face to an hour of care and pampering.

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, mask, and finishing skincare

A moment for the eyes
ca. 20 min. | €29.00

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Enjoy an eye massage with relaxing and smoothing effects for the skin.

Moisturising treatment with aloe vera (Dr. Spiller)
ca. 60 min. | €75.00

The aloe vera juice provides an extra source of moisture. The plant-based textures preserve the skin’s youthfulness by absorbing lifestyle, environmental, and seasonal damage. In addition, bead-encapsulated vitamins A and E are transported into the skin, protecting it from premature ageing.

Lymphatic drainage for face and décolleté
ca. 30 min. | €35.00

Gentle massage stimulates circulation and releases stagnant fluids. The lymphatic drainage has a detoxifying effect and ensures a radiant complexion.

Eyebrow correction
1 Session/s | €7.00

Can be booked as an additional service with any facial treatment

Upper lip wax
1 Session/s | €9.00
Chin wax
1 Session/s | €11.00
Lavender bath
ca. 30 min. | €35.00

Calming, balancing

Salt and oil bath
ca. 30 min. | €35.00

Purifying, firming

Goat’s milk bath
ca. 30 min. | €35.00

Suitable for neurodermatitis and psoriasis; soothing and balancing

Swiss stone pine bath
ca. 30 min. | €35.00

Relaxing, calming, eases the circulation

Rose petal bath
ca. 30 min. | €35.00

Harmonising, balancing

Cleopatra bath
ca. 30 min. | €40.00

A soothing bath of milk and high-quality oils gives the skin a velvety feeling.

Evening primrose oil cream bath
ca. 30 min. | €40.00

A cream bath with valuable evening primrose oil boosts the metabolism and balances your hormones.

ca. 30 min. | €40.00

Purifies and detoxifies, smoothes and tones with the best from the sea.

Important information about booking an appointment

  • Please book your cosmetic treatments in advance if possible. In the case of last-minute enquiries, we cannot guarantee that appointment slots will still be available.
  • We ask for your understanding that we can only give you your exact appointment times upon arrival at the hotel. In case of a short stay, please let us know your arrival time so that we can start the treatments directly on the day of arrival.
  • If you cancel an appointment and we are unable to reschedule, we regret that we will have to charge you 70% of the price.
  • Please inform us if you are pregnant or have a relevant medical condition when booking.
  • Please include your telephone number or e-mail address so that we can reach you in case of questions.
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